A Year To Remember: The 1950s

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9 hrs. 45 mins.

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Sit back and enjoy almost ten hours of pure nostalgia! This 3-disc DVD set provides the definitive insight into the decade that took us from post-war austerity to consumer boom, featuring rare news footage and interviews from the unrivalled British Pathe film archive. A full hour is devoted to each year, bringing you all the big news stories plus much more!

Topics covered include The Festival of Britain in 1951, the post-war baby boom, the birth of Rock ‘n’ Roll and teenage culture. A decade that began with a Labour government under Clement Attlee eventually saw the Conservatives dominate the political scene. And it was a challenging time for Britain’s politicians, who needed to deal with the Suez Crisis, the Soviet invasion of Hungary, further H-Bomb testing and, closer to home, the horrific Harrow And Wealdstone train disaster.

The whole country was united in grief in 1952 with the passing of King George VI, and then with pride as the masses witnessed the coronation of Queen Elizaebth II.

It was also a period of scientfic and technological progress: the first Sputnik Satellite, the last ride on the London Trams, the Polio vaccination and, to the chagrin of motorists everywhere, the introduction of the parking meter.

This collection also features sporting highlights such as Bolton Wanderers beating Manchester United to lift the 1958 FA Cup and the 100th Varsity Boat Race. Relive all these events and many, many more.

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