Battle of the V1 (Cert PG)

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109 mins.

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The first ever DVD release of this classic British film on DVD. Digitally Re-mastered & Restored. Michael Rennie stars in this action-packed thriller set in occupied Europe during WWII, In Colour For the Very First Time .

Set in World War II and based on a true story, Battle of the V.1 starring Michael Rennie, Patricia Medina and Christopher Lee is set in Nazi held Poland. Polish Resistance discover a mysterious pilot-less plane being built and tested in Poland – the resistance inform Britain of the plane and British enlist a Polish school teacher (Michael Rennie) to infiltrate the factory where the strange plane was being built and pass as much information as possible back to London. The film tells the vital role that the Polish Resistance and the British bombing raids served in averting the full impact of the V.1 flying bomb in World War II. Starring Patricia Medina… ‘the most beautiful face in the whole of England’.

About the Director
Vernon Sewell was educated at Malborough College. He was one of the crew of castaways with Michael Powell on the Shetland island of Foula to make The Edge of the World (1937). He later became one of the mainstays in the B movie niche of the British film industry, and in his almost 40-year career he turned out everything from spy thrillers to horror films.

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