Best of British Buses (4 DVDs)

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100 Years of British Buses

Material from dozens of towns and cities is featured in this programme. In addition to the various vehicles featured, this DVD provides a wonderfully evocative recollection of how much has changed in the urban environment over the years, in relation to street furniture, cars, shop fronts and fashions. A sheer nostalgic pleasure, this carefully edited programme, backed by informative commentary will appeal both to transport enthusiasts and to the increasing numbers interested in twentieth century social history.

Keith Beedons World of Buses & Trams 1960 – 1986

Buses have been a common sight on the roads, since long before buses were powered by internal-powered combustion engine in 1895. Taken from his personal film archive, Keith Beeden introduces and narrates a journey through 30 years of transport history from 1960 through to 1986.

Trolleybus Days in Belfast

In the 1950s, Belfast had the largest fleet of trolleybuses to be found in the UK outside London. Introduced from 1938 onwards to replace Belfast’s trams, the high capacity, clean and quiet trolleybuses, were a familiar sight on the streets of the city for the next 20 years. This programme offers nostalgic memories of the city in the balmy days of the 1960s before the combined efforts of the troubles and the planners radically changed the appearance of the city forever.

Buses around Britain

Everyday buses can be seen throughout Britain’s roads, either for use as public transport, tour buses as well as privately chartered and privately owned buses. Journey around Britain looking at buses old and new, some working, others lovingly restored and on display.

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