Best of British Trucks (4 DVDs)

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Classic British Lorries Part One

For nearly 100 years, the road network in the United Kingdom rumbled to the sound of trucks which were almost exclusively built on British soil. From the 1920s through to the 1960s, British manufacturers were renowned throughout the world for their production of reliable lorries and were preceded by their reputation for quality engineering. 

Vintage Commercials on the Road

A variety of different trucks occupy the roads of Britain from HGVs to vintage trucks preserved by classic truck enthusiasts. Initially trucks were used to transport goods and materials from a central point, such as a train station, and deliver them to the surrounding areas. This programme looks at vintage British Commercial Lorries including Ford, Austin, Proctor and Jensen.
Classic British Lorries Part Two

Over the years, Britain became synonymous with quality manufacturing of reliable trucks; including Scammell, Morris and ERF. Following on from Classic British Lorries Part One, this programme looks at the development and uses of the Classic British Lorries that were world renowned for their quality manufacturing.

More Vintage Commercials On The Road

There is a huge variety of trucks and lorries on the road today, all filling our highways and byways in Britain. It has been this way for over a century, but the difference is that they are no longer built on our home soil the way they were when Britain was renowned for the production of reliable, quality lorries. Following on from Vintage Commercials on the Road, this programme looks at the vintage commercial lorries and what their specific role was, day in, day out, all year round

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