Best of British Vintage Tractors (4 DVDs)

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3 hrs 22 mins.

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Tractor Insight

From the time when steam was replaced as a power source, the internal combustion engined tractor has ruled supreme in carrying out the multitude of tasks on farms. This programme discusses the development of tractors from these early days around the beginning of the 20th century through to the 1960s. With examples produced by major manufacturers, the likes of Fordson, Ferguson, International Harvester, John Deere, Marshall, etc, all featuring.

Vintage Tractors at Work

The most common use of tractors is agriculturally they can often be seen ploughing and harvesting the fields, hay baling, and transporting of heavy goods. Vintage Tractors at Work
explores the uses and development of tractors at work from the earliest steam powered locomotive and how they were used at time of release as well as how the tractor models were developed with the changing times around them.

Vintage Tractors

Today, tractors are a common sight when driving through the countryside, or even towns. However the first commercially successful tractor design wasn’t until 1902 – so tractors have only been in use for just over 110 years. This programme looks at the vintage tractor, from its development as a small powered steam engine to a gasoline-powered internal combustion engines, every-thing after and everything in between!

Vintage Tractors at Work Volume Two

Tractors are one of the most important tools to a farmer due to its ability to have various attachments and implements giving it lots of different uses for different jobs such as ploughing the fields, planting the seeds, smoothing the soil and much much more. Following on from Vintage Tractors at Work, this programme explores the many different uses of the tractor on the farm – it does a lot more than just plough the fields!

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