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The Brabazon: the very name evokes the immediate post-war optimism of civil aviation. This giant airliner was built by the Bristol Aeroplane Company in 1949 to cross the Atlantic and serve the empire. However, the plane proved to be a commercial failure when airlines felt that it was too large and expensive to be useful. Large and luxurious, it carried only 60-80 passengers, and with a range of 5,000 miles, a 225ft wing span and eight engines buried in the wings with enough fuel to reach New York, the ‘100-ton bomber’ was more impressive and capable than the B-29: the ultimate passenger airliner was born. Now, with previously unpublished material and illustrations from the original Bristol Brabazon sales brochure, among other sources, the Brabazon’s 1930s-style elegance is displayed once again, celebrating its design, construction and sheer luxury. A fitting outcome for such a paragon of post-war optimism and an aircraft still considered by many to be the foremost in propeller-driven civil aviation.

(128 pages / Paperback)

AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY Graham M. Simons is a professional aviation writer and historian, and one of the founders of Duxford. His latest work is Mosquito: The Original Multi-Role Combat Aircraft for Pen and Sword. Simons has also written for Ian Allan Publishing and Arms and Armour, as well as publishing his own books such as Memphis Belle: Dispelling the Myths. Simons has contributed towards The History Press with The Concorde Conspiracy: The Battle for American Skies (2012).


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