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In the Gulf War the Buccaneer proved that it could play a significant offensive role both as a target marker for Tornados and as a bomber in its own right. This was no surprise to the Royal Navy and the RAF who considered that the Buccaneer had been one of the world’s best low-level strike aircraft of the last 30 years.

Features rare archive footage and exclusive interviews with the people who designed and flew the plane giving a personal insight into the innovations, the testing and service life of this magnificent aircraft. The mighty Buccaneer was an aircraft apparently forged from solid steel by the gods themselves and though starting out as a rather underpowered beast went on to become the best-loved post-war attack aircraft in the UK . In bygone years ‘Buccs’ would be found screaming along at hedge-top height (or lower!) leaving behind deafened but happy admirers…

"It is well liked because of its inherent stability at low level… It has earned and kept the respect of NATO allies." Commanding Officer, 16 Squadron RAF, February 1984.

Special DVD feature:

Development of steam catapults with early sea trials of various aircraft including steam catapult trials with the NA39 Buccaneer prototype.

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