Classic Tractors (4 DVDs) (New Release 29.9.14)

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Four DVDs covering many of the biggest names in agriculture, as well as the not-so-famous. It’s the definitive classic tractor showcase!

CLASSIC & WORKING TRACTORS Modern-day tractors, powerful and sophisticated as they are, with high-tech features designed to make the operator’s task that bit easier, continue to face competition from old reliables that chug around carrying out a good day’s labour, just as they have done for decades. In this charming programme from 2003, produced by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, we see examples of both classic and modern tractors out in the field carrying out their essential work.

MINI & MIGHTY TRACTORS An essential tool for farmers the world over, tractors of all sizes are equipped to handle any task for which they are needed. Many early manufacturers have disappeared, but surviving marques continue to build superb machines both large and small, many of which are featured in this delightful programme produced in 2004.

CLASSIC & VINTAGE TRACTORS Vintage tractors can be found in various states of repair in the most unlikely places – in farmyards and on driveways, and even just left to rot on waste ground, though it is still possible to experience classic machines in their former glory. Filmed at the 2002 Essex County Show, this delightful programme brings to life the enthusiasm and dedication of many vintage tractor owners, as they gather to display their magnificent vehicles to an enthralled public.

CLASSIC EARLY & VINTAGE TRACTORS Filmed at the 2002 great Dorset Steam Fair and featuring a sensational array of pre-1930s tractors, this documentary is a treat for any enthusiast. Many of the highlighted vehicles were built by manufacturers still in business today, while others carry nameplates of tractor makers long since departed. Of particular interest is the 1901 Ivel and the huge Case, each of which would look more at home on the great American prairies than in the rolling Dorset countryside. Also featured are tractors built by Hart-Parr, John Deere, Fordson, Minneapolis, Fiat, Caterpillar Crawler, International, Rumley and many more.

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