Classic Trolleybuses

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The history of the trolleybus dates back as far as to an experiment in a small Berlin suburn in 1882.

In 1911 Bradford and Leeds became the first British cities to offer trolleybuses that could carry passengers, and eventually, 50 trolleybus routes operated in Britain, the largest being in London which began in May 1931.

Following the Second World War, London Transport needed new trolleybuses to replace ageing examples, and the 15 trolleybuses destroyed in the war – so an order for 77 British United Traction trolleybuses was placed in 1946.

Glasgow was the last trolleybus system to be inaugurated in the British Isles, the system opening on 3 April 1949 but lasting a total of only 18 years. The introduction of trolleybuses eased traffic congestion and High Street was one of the first thoroughfares to benefit from the lifting of tram tracks. At its peak, the city’s trolleybus system had 195 vehicles, the highest of any city outside London.

Among the trolleybuses examined here are:

Glasgow Trolleybus no.TB78
Walsall 872 (Sunbeam F4A with Willowbrook H70RD bodywork built in 1956)
Huddersfield 631 (Sunbeam S7 with East Lancs H72R bodywork built in 1959).
Reading 113 (AEC 661T with Park Royal H56R bodywork built late 1938)

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