Dig For Victory (2 DVDs)

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5 hrs. 29 mins.

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This truly massive, 5 ½ hour collection of rare and previously unavailable public information films preserved in the Imperial War Museum’s film vaults chronicles the full story of how the Home Front was kept fed during the Second World War. The 2-disc set covers every conceivable topic, from Food convoys to ‘how to dig’ and ‘how to make a compost heap’. Many big British stars did their bit by appearing in these films, including Tommy Trinder, Ted Ray, Ronald Shiner, Arthur Haynes, Charlie Chester, Jimmy Handley, John Slater, Ralph Richardson, and Hubert Gregg.

You will also see how the WVS and ‘Food flying Squads’ leapt into nightly action during the Blitz to feed the wardens, rescue teams, firemen and civilians who had been bombed out of their homes. Communal dining in a chain of ‘British Restaurants’ helped ration coupons to go further, and there is also a feature on how feeding the forces on the frontline was fraught with challenges.

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