Dixon Of Dock Green: Collection One (2 DVDs, Subtitles, Cert 12)

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One of the longest running police series on British television between 1955 and 1976, Dixon of Dock Green was also the best-loved. Starring the popular Jack Warner in the role of Sergeant George Dixon, the series set the tone for television police drama and paved the way for all that would follow. Filmed on set and on location around the fast disappearing dockland community of London’s East End, the character of Dixon, with his friendly and informal ‘Evening all’, offered viewers the kind of policeman you’d be tempted to welcome into your home for a cup of tea – even if you’d just robbed a bank.

In these first available colour episodes, the Dock Green police must deal with cases as diverse as a vanished policeman; a mysterious assailant of young women; police protection of a witness to murder; a charming crook with friends in the right places; the hidden world of spousal abuse; and the police shooting of an unarmed criminal.

In a modern world of CSI, DNA, and CCTV, much has changed and much remains the same in these still-gripping and utterly compelling episodes of Dixon of Dock Green.

Episode Guide

Wasteland (Series 17) – First Broadcast 14th November 1970

Directed By: Joe Waters
Written By: Eric Paice

A Panda Car fails to report in and a policeman is missing. But what kind of man is PC Norman and is he the victim of a gang attack, an accident or something even more menacing? Dock Green police find themselves operating in strange surroundings.

Additional Cast: Margaret John, Scott Fredericks (PC Forbes), Arnold Peters (Chief Superintendent Bannister), James Grout (Chief Inspector Prescott), Will Ward, Frank Mills, Andrew Dowling, Sue Walker, Gwen Evans, Anna Karen, Robert Arnold (Detective Constable Swain), Nick Forbes, Karin MacCarthy, Michael Stainton, Pat Gorman and Dennis Plenty.

Jig-Saw (Series 18) – First Broadcast: 20th November 1971
Directed By: Joe Waters
Written By: Eric Paice

In this episode, Sergeant Dixon is called to Dock Green Gasworks which have been derelict for some time. A young wife has disappeared and evidence accumulates that she has recently been inside this area. Foul play is suspected and the police find strange parallels with other unsolved crimes.

Additional Cast: Victor Maddern, Charles Houston, Windsor Davies (Morris), Kay Humblestone, Nicholas Wright, Joe Santo, Ronald Gough and Patrick Milner.

Eye Witness (Series 20) – First Broadcast: 29th December 1973

Directed By: Joe Waters
Written By: Derek Ingrey

In the first of the new series, Dixon takes an unexpected holiday accompanied by the only witness to a gangland murder.

Additional Cast : David Rose, Gwyneth Powell, Stephen Greif, Steve Plytas, Gordon Bilboe, Sidney Kean, Maureen Grayson, Andrew Lodge, Diana Scougall, Chubby Oates, Nancie Wait, Richard Reeves, Ken Haward, Robert Tayman, John Salthouse and Bernard Martin.

Harry’s Back (Series 20) – First Broadcast: 12th January 1974

Directed By: Vere Lorrimer
Written By: N J Crisp

"One of the best". That’s what everybody said about Harry Simpson (Lee Montague) – everybody, that is, except Sergeant Crawford.

Additional Cast : Jonathan Adams, Susan Tebbs, Bert Lena, Frank Coda, Jean Dallas, Luke Maguire, Michael Sheard, Esmond Webb, Peter Hughes, Mary Kenton, Anthony Collin, John Malcolm (Detective Chief Superintendent Barker), Paul Haley, Michael O’Donoghue, Ian Smith and Melia White.

Sounds (Series 20) – First Broadcast: 13th April 1974

Directed By: Ian Wyatt
Written By: Eric Paice

A child’s voice on the telephone and some background noise is all the Dock Green Police have to lead them to the scene of a crime.

Additional Cast : Marion Lines, Lyn Doyle, Chris Sullivan (PC Slater), Bernard Martin (Sergeant Thomas), Richard Parry, David Wood, Colin McCormack (PC Wakeman) and Michael Graham Cox.

Firearms Were Issued (Series 20) – First Broadcast: 20th April 1974

Directed By: Vere Lorrimer
Written By: N J Crisp

An investigation brings Detective Inspector Crawford and Dock Green Police under official scrutiny.

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