Dixon Of Dock Green: Collection Two (2 DVDs, Subtitles, Cert 12)

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5 hrs. 15 mins.

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One of the longest running police series on British television between 1955 and 1976, Dixon of Dock Green was also the best-loved.

In this second collection, the Dock Green police force under the watchful eye of old timer Sergeant Dixon played by Jack Warner, come up against a mixed bag of villains, with one case playing out dangerously close to home. Mercenaries on the streets of London lead to a dangerous shoot-out; an apparent suicide generates a cross-country manhunt; stolen jewels thrown into a squat provide an entry to a world of very dubious long-haired hippy spiritualism; a robbery witness brings the Dock Green police to a household where crime is a way of life; a desirable con-woman finds herself at the mercy of one of her victims; and in a case of possible in-house corruption “no one likes a bent copper” as Dixon so aptly puts it.

Dixon of Dock Green set the tone for television police drama and paved the way for all that would follow. Filmed on set and on location around the disappearing dockland of London s East End, the character of Dixon, famous for Evening all , was a mainstay of British television with its friendly, reliable world of coppers on the beat.

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