Eagle Island

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50 mins.

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A hauntingly beautiful wildlife film made for BBC’s Natural World. Spectacular shots of eagles in the nest, of abundant marine life and of the dramatic Scottish landscape. Expert cameraman and presenter Gordon Buchanan returns to his homeland to rediscover its stunning wildlife and magnificent scenery. The Isle of Mull has the highest density of eagles in the United Kingdom, otters in every bay and even whales, sharks and dolphins in the surrounding seas. Gordon’s specific mission is to find and film the Sea Eagle, the biggest bird of prey in Europe and one that has only recently returned to the Isle of Mull. Mull also has an exceptional population of Golden Eagles and truly deserves the name Eagle Island. Eagle Island gives Gordon some of his favourite wildlife moments to compare with anything he has seen in Africa, India or South America. "This is the best place in the world. To be back here is just the most fantastic opportunity."

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