Eddie Stobart – Trucks and Trailers Complete Series 1 (4 DVDs)

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The distinctive Eddie Stobart brand makes the company one of the most recognisable haulage firms in the world. Every single day, Eddie Stobart truck drivers cover the equivalent of the distance to the moon and back three times over. The firm employs more than 5,000 people, who work around the clock to make a delivery every 4.6 seconds, as well as running two ports, two airports and several freight trains.

This DVD collection features the complete Channel 5 series of Eddie Stobart Trucks and Trailers in which the international transport company provided exclusive access to its trucks and the people that keep them trucking.


Episode 1

Mo Goulding has been an Eddie Stobart trucker for 34 years, and he is a company man through and through. He takes great pride in his reputation for getting deliveries made in time, but his planners have failed to take into account a blockage on the M25 that forces him onto London’s notorious North Circular. It looks as if Mo is about to commit the cardinal sin of trucking – failing to deliver his load on time.

Over at Eddie Stobart’s Widnes port, near Liverpool, 800 containers a day arrive to be offloaded. At the heart of the company’s port operations are massive gantry cranes, which are capable of transferring cargo to the trucks in record time. Crane pilot Andy Kujawiak is racing against time, at a height of 60 feet in the air, to strip 30 containers from a freight train onto a fleet of waiting Lorries. It is no easy task, and one false move from Andy could lead to devastation.

Elsewhere this week, planner Gary Fox demonstrates one of the key pieces of technology that has kept the Eddie Stobart company leagues ahead of the competition. Attention to detail is key to keeping profits high, and as a result GPS tracking devices have been fitted to each truck to monitor each driver’s every move. The team of planners back at base is now privy to every break taken by drivers – as well as every instance of bad driving. Tensions rise when Gary spots Mo breaking the rules, and proceeds to offer him some unwanted advice. "Some drivers don’t like the GPS," Mo admits. "It’s like a spy in every cab – like Big Brother."

Episode 2

A female driver takes on a delicate load of cream cakes, which she has to deliver in perfect condition to one of Eddie Stobart’s biggest customers. But after contending with endless roundabouts it is touch and go whether her load will make it in one piece. A driver specializing in returned goods has a nightmare day trying to keep to a hectic schedule, but he is in for a big surprise when he gets a new truck. Elsewhere, the truck company’s legion of roadside fans, known affectionately as ‘Eddie spotters’, are up in arms when a truck joins the fleet with an unusual name. Eddie Stobart lorry cabins have all had female names since the 1970s – has this new truck broken a time-honored tradition?


Episode 3

An important delivery of spare parts to the World Rally Championships in Finland hits the skids, and a huge supermarket order of fresh produce is put in jeopardy by a leaking fridge. Elsewhere, a trucker watches in amazement as his lorry is suspended in the air.

Episode 4

The drivers on the continent do their utmost to avoid ending up with a cargo of illegal stowaways. The truckers get a glimpse of glamour when they deliver a consignment of polo ponies, and another Eddie Stobart driver negotiates a particularly tricky farmyard track.


Episode 5

This week, an enthusiastic trucker takes on the challenge of racing the Eddie Stobart train from Rugby to Glasgow. A young female driver tries out the hardest manoeuvres in the trucking handbook under the watchful eye of a veteran Eddie Stobart trucker. And a nightshift worker gets a raw deal at London’s Smithfield meat market…

Episode 6

A group of Stobart drivers prepares to put on a spectacular show at Truckfest


Episode 7

The Christmas special – the weather closes in but Eddie Stobart’s trucks must keep rolling on.

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