Flowers of the British Isles

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58 mins.

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Great Britain is renowned the world over for the many and varied flower species that grow, quite literally, from Land’s End to John O’Groats and all points in between. From the first snowdrops of the year through to the hosts of golden daffodils and the purple haze of bluebell woods, the flowers of Britain truly are a delight, although in the hustle and bustle of 21st Century life, they can all too often be overlooked. So join us on this journey of discovery to find some of the best-kept floral secrets of the British countryside, up close and personal.

Many of the flowers featured will be instantly recognisable whereas others are rather more complex to identify. And of course, not everyone has the opportunity to explore the landscape in search of floral species, which is why this programme also considers in detail the ways in which you can create a beautiful wild flower garden in your own back yard. Whether you have a buttercup filled meadow or a daisy strewn lawn in mind, "Flowers of the British Isles" is packed full of ideas for planting or simply appreciating classic floral treasures such as the poppy, cowslip, and foxglove. Discover the history and meaning of the language of flowers and allow yourself to enjoy the nostalgia of horticulture long past, with the promising allure of a much brighter future.

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