GWR Locos Through Time

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The first locomotives for the Great Western Railway were specified by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, but it was the GWR’s first Locomotive Superintendent, Daniel Gooch, who designed the railway’s early broad gauge icons such as Fire Fly and Iron Duke. But perhaps the GWR Chief Engineers George Jackson Churchward, who introduced the 4-6-0, and Charles Collett, who was tasked not only with standardisation, but also produced two of the Great Western Railway’s iconic locomotive classes, the Kings and Castles, who have left the biggest mark, certainly in terms of GWR locomotives in preservation today.

With many locos filmed in stunning HD, GWR Locos Through Time features the pick of locomotives from the Great Western Railway’s history including the Bluebell Railway’s Dukedog, the Earl of Berkeley, the magnificent Modified Hall, Foremarke Hall a resident at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway and Didcot Railway Centre’s precious gems, the 1917 Churchward Mogul, the broad gauge replica, Fire Fly and the GWR diesel railcar.

GWR Locos Through Time includes footage of:

Fire Fly 2-2-2 Replica
1338 0-4-0 Cardiff Railway Class No 5 Saddle Tank
City of Truro 4-4-0 City Class
5322 Mogul 2-6-0
5619 0-6-2T

1450 0-4-2T Autotrain
9017 Earl of Berkley 4-4-0 Dukedog
7802 Bradley Manor
3650 0-6-0 Pannier Tank
Foremarke Hall 4-6-0 Modified Hall
GWR No 22 Diesel Railcar

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