Lee Enfield Rifle

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Britain’s core infantry weapon for two World Wars, the Lee Enfield rifle, is the subject of this unique specialist DVD. It gives a fascinating insight into the bolt action rifle that was one of the finest battle weapons ever produced. Reliable, robust and providing a 10-shot magazine when most of its European contemporaries could only provide five, the rifle was first produced in 1865 and was used by various armies right up until the first Gulf War.

The DVD features Martin Farnan, Director of Shooting with the National Rifle Association, and well known rifle expert John Hutchins. It has been made in full consultation with the National Rifle Association and with Peter Laidler of the Infantry Weapons Collection, HQ Land Warfare Centre, Warminster. In addition to the history of the rifle, there are comments on its predecessors and derivatives. Experts fire and comment on the SMLE (Short Magazine Lee Enfield) and there are scenes featured that have never, or very rarely, been seen before.

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