Lynton & Barnstaple Railway / The Bluebell Railway

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A brand new DVD that will take you back to a bygone era when the pace of life was genteel. Using photographs and archive film coupled with contemporary footage, the story of the quaint Lynton & Barnstaple narrow gauge line and its gradual restoration is told as never before.

At the other end of railway preservation is the Bluebell line. The story of this early standard gauge preservation and their recent reopening against the odds to East Grinstead is no less incredible.

Written and narrated by BBC producer and lifelong enthusiast Andrew Johnston, and filmed by fellow enthusiast and professional Ian Stuart Lynn, this is a film of first class quality not to be missed.

Once almost every town in Britain had its own railway station. Even remote villages had their wayside halts and just about everything was transported by rail. Then came the age of motor traffic and by the 1930s, the smaller lines were beginning to close.

After the Second World War, the railways went into a steep decline and in the 1960s, the infamous Beeching Report paved the way for a massive reduction of the network. 5,000 miles of track and more than a third of all stations vanished as Government funds were diverted into new road schemes.

Today, many of the closures are recognised as major mistakes and are bitterly regretted by their communities. Gridlocked roads have helped boost rail passenger numbers to record levels, yet politicians remain unwilling to tackle the costly task of replacing the lost lines.

But a new generation of railway enthusiasts is proving that it can be done. All over Britain, dozens of preserved steam railways are busy relaying the rails and this video looks at two of them. The popular image may be of schoolboy ‘trainspotters’ recording engine numbers, but times have changed and many of today’s enthusiasts are modern versions of the Victorian railway ‘navvies’ who first built the lines. Theirs is a story of vision and determination, skill and sheer hard work – the qualities needed to reverse the blunders of the past and put back the track.

This DVD includes a bonus of a round-trip behind and on board Lyd, presented in black and white.

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