Model Railways On A Budget

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90 mins.

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Building a Model Railway can be a very expensive hobby.After seeing this film you will soon be building a model railway for less money than you had ever dared to imagine!

You will learn how to reduce expense by looking at older models and taking advantage of ones which have seen little use. ‘Mainline Railways’ were a breath of fresh air in the late 1970s and through the 1980s, as they produced highly detailed models, which in many cases just got destroyed and were rarely used. Many of these are now coming on to the market and we examine how easy it is to buy an inexpensive loco, refurbish it and return it to active service.

Adding detail to an inexpensive Hornby kit not only brings the building to life, but adds features not normally seen: this is shown in great detail with techniques clearly explained. ï»¿Coach lighting using inexpensive options, and sources of components are also covered, ï»¿
Would you like extensive track work? Then why not shop around, even abroad to find real bargains: we can show you where to look.

In fact, this 90 minute film gives you everything you ever wanted to know about buidling a model railway – and more!


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Laurence Hogg


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