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The classic rail film Night Mail (1936) is just one of the treats on this DVD collection. The Midnight Hours (1987) shows British Mail being sent by rail and road, while Post Haste (1988) celebrates 150 years of the Travelling Post Office and Mail Rail (1987) takes you beneath London to explore the GPO’s own, private miniature railway!

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The GPO Story (1986, colour). BBC Arena’s tribute to the Unit featuring many of the original filmmakers, including Harry Watt, Basil Wright, Stuart Legg, Edgar Anstey, Chick Fowle, Pat Jackson, R.Q. McNaughton, Ralph Bond and Ken Cameron. The lasting appeal of Night Mail (1936, b/w), celebrating the Postal Special’s run from London to Scotland, is that it has all the attributes of the classic British documentary style established by John Grierson. The Midnight Hours (1987, colour). Each phase of the extraordinary operation of collecting and sorting the nation’s mail for distribution by road, rail and air is shown in this television documentary. The film’s structure updates the classic Night Mail made over half a century earlier. Post Haste (1988, colour). A film celebrating 150 years history of the Travelling Post Office which revolutionised the sorting and delivery of mail. Mail Rail (1987, colour). A programme made to celebrate 60 years of the unique Royal Mail Underground Railway situated some 22 metres below London’s busy streets. At its peak, the railway carried over one third of London’s mail.

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