Queen Elizabeth In The 1950s

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112 mins.

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Enjoy almost two hours of stunning British Pathe cinema quality documentaries chronicling the earliest years of our Sovereign’s reign. These five films comprise:

Long Live the Queen (1952, 2 mins.)
Following the death of her father, King George VI, Princess Elizabeth returns home from a Commonwealth tour as Queen. A celebratory newsreel documentary of the life of the princess and a document of her very first engagements as Queen.

The Queen’s Birthday (1952, 2 mins.)
Includes a ceremony where the Queen becomes Colonel-in-Chief of the Guards regiments.

Elizabeth Is Queen (1953, 46 mins.)
A full colour documentary of the 1953 Coronation ceremony in Westminster Abbey including the meticuluous preparations of the Royal Guardsmen, the Household Cavalry and the royal coachmen. Highlights include the State Coach making its way through the London streets past huge cheering crowds and, of course, the presentation to the new Queen of the royal sceptre, orb and crown.

Royal Review (1953, 16 mins.)
A film review, in full colour, of the Queen’s activities of the Queen’s activities in her Coronation month focussing on her visits to the Derby, Edinburgh Castle and the Guild Hall in London.

Welcome The Queen (1954, 40 mins.)
A detailed insight into the new monarch’s first tour of her Commonwealth, including visits to Jamaica, Fiji, Tonga, New Zealand, Australia, Ceylon and Uganda. Filmed in glorious colour, the royal couple then take to the Royal Yacht Britannia for a Mediterranean tour taking in the Western desert, Malta and Gibraltar before being accompanied by RAF planes and the ships of the Royal Navy back to Tilbury and up the Thames to their final destination of the Pool of London.

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