Royal Air Force Coastal Command (RE-RELEASED SUMMER 2014)

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93 mins.

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From its inception in 1936 through the Second World War, the Berlin Airlift and the Cold War to its demise in 1969, this is the definitive film history of the ‘Cinderella Service’ as told through the eyes of four RAF heroes. One of these men joined up in 1937 and had a massive crash in his vast Sunderland aircraft, which was ripped apart, leaving him as one of the first men to be rehabilitated at the RAF medical facility at East Grinstead.

Using archive news reviews and official RAF film records of the period, this DVD surveys the seaplanes and flying boats, the missions and the men and women that protected Britain’s sea lanes and shores from the Nazi onslaught and averted possible starvation for the British. In a later account about the boredom of long sorties in the Shackleton, a pilot explained how he coped: ‘I spend one hour flying, one hour sleeping and one hour contemplating sexual matters!’

Aircraft featured include the Sunderland, B-17, Wellington, Blenheim, Mosquito, Anson, Catalina, Hudson, the very rare Lockheed Neptune and the Shackleton. This highly personal view of Coastal Command is directed by Bryan Wolfe, who was Capital Radio’s original ‘Flying Eye’ and the son of Battle of Britain pilot Winco ‘Ted’ Wolfe, CO of 141 Squadron.

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