Royal Navy at War: British Pacific & East Indies Fleets

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During the Second World War, the East Indies and British Pacific Fleets were sometimes disparagingly referred to as the ‘forgotten fleets’. Their contribution to the war effort was overshadowed by naval actions elsewhere, and both their ships and engagements were comparatively rarely recorded by newsreel and combat cameramen. Produced and narrated by Royal Navy historian Roland R. Smith, this totally unique three-hour DVD now offers the ultimate film record of these fleets, their fighting ships and men. Drawn from diverse sources, and featuring only original archive film from start to finish, it includes considerable amounts of rare and previously unseen material.

PHASE ONE: Starting in 1942, this film features a host of British fighting ships including the Resolution, Warspite, Devonshire, Mauritius, Gambia, Frobisher, Catterick, Nizam, Paladin, Ramillies, Malaya, Illustrious, Indomitable, Hermione, Lookout, Howe, London and King George V. Highlights include royal inspections of the carrier Indefatigable and battleship King George V, coverage of the large scale Fleet Air Arm assault on Palembang, the Illustrious sailing with the US carrier Saratoga, Japanese air attacks on the BPF and the Sakashima One operations.

PHASE TWO: Fighting ships featured include the carriers Illustrious, Implacable, Formidable, Victorious and Indomitable, Escort carriers Stalker and Emperor, the battleship King George V, cruisers London, Newcastle, Sussex and Phoebe and destroyers Quadrant, Queensborough and Wessex. Highlights include glorious extended colour sequences, carrier action with Seafires and Hellcats and film of Kamikaze attacks on the BPF.

PHASE THREE: Fighting ships featured include the carriers Victorious, Implacable and Indefatigable, light fleet carriers Glory, Colossus, Venerable and Vengeance, Battleships King George V, Howe, Duke of York and Anson, cruisers Swiftsure and Bermuda and the destroyer Undaunted. Highlights include air-to-air film of a Fairey Firefly raid on Japan, US Admiral Nimitz inspecting the King George Vat Guam and the carrier Indefatigable battling through a typhoon.

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