Secret Aircraft of World War Two (5 DVDs)

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Using specially commissioned computer graphics, unseen archive footage and interviews with aviation experts, these four incredible programmes bring to life the Secret Aircraft of World War II.

Episode 1 – Allied:
Behold the ingenuity of innovators on both sides of the Atlantic. From the CHANCE VOUGHT FLYING PANCAKE that could take off vertically to perhaps the biggest secret project outside the building of the A-bomb – Churchill’s plan to build a fleet of giant aircraft carriers made of ice – uncover the mysteries of the Allied aircraft programs.

Episode 2 – Luftwaffe
Hear the story of the tiny HE 162 jet interceptor, built in deep underground caves and flown by pilots from the Hitler Youth, and the amazing HORTEN FLYING WING jet bomber designed to attack New York. Plus, we reveal the plans for a jet version of the STUKA DIVE BOMBER and how it might have impacted the battle for the Eastern Front.

Episode 3 – Russia
History has overlooked the unimaginable hardships Russian aircraft designers faced under the rule of Josef Stalin. This programme reveals how Soviet aircraft designers independently discovered jet and rocket technology.

Episode 4 – Japanese
Trace the development of the Japanese aviation industry and its famous creations, including the NAKAJIMA KI-43 OSCAR and the MITSUBISHI A6M ZERO. In addition, explore the frantic top-secret weapons programs that would have made these legendary aircraft tame by comparison, such as a long-range aircraft designed to strike directly at the US west coast with biological weapons.

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