Spirit Of Trees (2 DVDs)

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3 hrs. 41 mins.

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This beautiful three and a half hour DVD provides a complete guide to the world’s trees.

In this ‘encyclopaedia’ of Tree knowledge and Tree lore environmentalist Dick Warner explores the astonishing world of Trees. From Runnymede to California, from the Scottish Highlands to the Indian Ocean, the Spirit of Trees reveals the wonders and secrets of living beings bigger, older and possibly wiser than us. "I was speechless with admiration" – The Daily Mail "…riveting from start to finish" – The Daily Telegraph "Splendidly obscure" – Time Out

DISC ONE: Old Oaks: Windsor Great Park, Glenstal Abbey in Ireland. Native Trees: Restoration of natural woodlands in the Highlands. From Wild Woods to Town Gardens: From Wild Cherry and Irish Whitebeam to modern landscaping. A Dying Breed: The Last traditional coppice woodman in the Lake District.

DISC TWO: The Folklore of Trees: Money trees, Holy trees and the worship of trees. Rare Trees: Unusual Species in Plymouth, Kew Gardens and on the Island of Socotra. History from Trees: Californian Bristlecones, ancient Oaks and Yews. The Future of Trees: New uses for Willow and the sacred Redwoods of North America.

Plus DVD Extra: Socotra: Island of Dragon’s Blood. A short documentary about the unique trees and other plants of Socotra (Republic of Yemen). Separated from Africa for millions of years, many of the island’s plants and animals occur nowhere else in the world.

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