Steam Lorries

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Until the arrival of dedicated steam-powered haulage, goods were transported by rail, water or in trailers towed behind traction engines. With the relaxation of previously stringent legislation, the use of steam powered lorries and wagons flourished in the early twentieth century.

Filmed at the annual Fairford Steam Rally, the Great Dorset Steam Fair and the Bluebell Railway Vintage Vehicle event, this Steam Lorries DVD features a host of the finest steam haulage vehicles in preservation in the UK today including a Yorkshire Patent Steam Wagon, a Foden bus conversion, an early 3 ton Foden wagon, several steam tractor conversions, a Foden tanker, a unique steam light delivery van and the ever popular Sentinel S4 and Super Sentinel wagons.

Featured vehicles are:

1935 Sentinel S4, No 9192
1929 Foden C Class 6 Ton Tipper Lorry to Winch Tractor Conversion, No 13454 ‘Samantha’
1928 6 Ton Super Sentinel, No 7651
1914 Foden Steam Bus, No 4258, ‘Irene’
1930 5 Ton Foden HH Wagon, No 13752, ‘Reliance’
1927 6 Ton Yorkshire Patent Steam Wagon, No 2108, ‘Yorkshire Lad’
1972 Hybrid Steam Light Delivery Baker’s Van
1930 6 Ton Super Sentinel, No 8393
1912 3 Ton Foden, No 3398
1927 Super Sentinel DG4, No 6979, ‘Elizabeth’
1928 Foden 6 Wheel, 12 Ton, Type K3 Tractor, No 13008, ‘Valiant’
1929 5 Ton Foden HH Wagon, No 13264, ‘Margaret’
1934 Sentinel S4, No 9074, ‘Proctors Pride’
1934 Sentinel S4, No 9075 ‘Holmvalian’
1929 Foden C Type, No 13316, ‘Sir Lionel’
1926 Foden 6 Ton D Type Timber Tractor, No 12370, ‘Island Chief’

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