The Liver Birds: Collection One (2 DVDs, Subtitles, Cert PG)

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From the ground-breaking comedic pen of Carla Lane (Solo/Bread/Butterflies) and Myra Taylor, Polly James is Beryl and Nerys Hughes is Sandra in The Liver Birds.

Beryl and Sandra are flatmates – roommates really given the size of their accommodation – in 1970s Liverpool. With a rivalry and friendship that bounces off the screen, the bed and the couch, the two girls grapple with boyfriends, bigger flats, smaller dogs, unaffordable holidays, sisters’ weddings, challenging parents and feisty old granddads, all while having the time of their lives. In addition to all twelve episodes, this release features a new and exclusive interview with Polly James and Nerys Hughes, giving insight into the love, the laughter, and how they made it all happen.

From the unforgettable hit theme tune by The Scaffold to the laugh-a-minute scripts and pitch-perfect performances, The Liver Birds lights up the screen as bright and beautiful as the city that inspired it. Collection One comprises the complete second series of The Liver Birds in transmission order. The original pilot and the four episodes that made up Series One are unfortunately missing, believed to be wiped.

DVD Extras
Exclusive Interview with Polly James and Nerys Hughes
The Original Liver Birds Cast Filmographies

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