The Orient Express DVD and Book Set

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60 mins./128 pages

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The fondly remembered Peter Ustinov begins journey at London Victoria station, where he embarks on journey to Venice.His trip becomes somewhat of a rolling history across Europe in which he meets some of the personalities who travelled on the Orient Express in its fabled past. Indeed, with a delightful combination of interesting facts, humorous anecdotes, beautiful scenery and quirky meetings with the likes of Mata Hari, Sir Basil Zaharoff, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and Ernest Hemingway, you would be forgiven for thinking you had been transported straight into an Agatha Christie novel.

‘Ustinov on the Orient Express’ is a humorous and nostalgic look at a journey on board the world famous Orient Express, the very pinnacle of railway travel. And now you too can enjoy all the delights that this magnificent train has to offer. The name Orient Express means different things to different people. For some it is the ultimate in elegance and refined travel, a glamorous way to voyage, exclusive only to the very wealthy. To others the train represents an almost mythical way to adventure and retrace the steps of spies, diplomats and secret agents. Or it is quite simply the height of romance and love, a wonderful way to spend time with a loved one on a journey that has echoed through the ages. Either way, the very name Orient Express, with its luxurious fittings, delicious cuisine, incredible views passing the window by the second, not to mention the fantastical tales of drama and intrigue, is one that has been the zenith of luxury train travel for more than 125 years.

From the landmark moment in October 1883 when it was launched, the Orient Express has defined railway history, and “The Little Book of Orient Express” will trace the rich history of this iconic train. It will also showcase the plethora of famous figures that graced the train, from Agatha Christie and Graham Greene to Ian Fleming, Baden-Powell and a host of famous royals.

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