The Railway – Keeping Britain Back On Track (2 DVDs)

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Britain has the oldest and one of the busiest railways in the world, with over 1.3 billion journeys every year. Whether it’s delays, overcrowding or fare rises, we all love to complain about the trains: used to being the butt of complaints, the rail industry has always kept itself behind closed doors, until now…..

With unprecedented access to Network Rail, train companies including Virgin, East Coast, First Great Western and Northern, and the British Transport Police, this six part documentary series goes behind the scenes of one of Britain’s biggest institutions. Filmed over a year and across the country, this candid series gets to know the track-workers, train guards and management who are battling to keep Britain moving – where anything from suicidal people or an unlucky pheasant, to faulty signalling, cable thieves and mother nature can all bring the railway to a grinding halt. These are the people on the frontline who have the unenviable task of managing a congested, complex and often outdated system.

Told with humour, warmth and honesty, this DVD set reveals what’s really going on when we’re left fuming on the platform. There are 23 million journeys in the city every day, and this warm, character-driven series introduces us to those whose job it is to keep London moving. We cut between the all-seeing eye of the control room and seemingly incompatible transport sub-cultures – from cabbies who resent the ever-increasing number of cyclists, to hard-working surface repair teams who face nightly abuse from drivers stuck in rush-hour gridlock.

Seeing the city through the eyes of those responsible for vital maintenance and traffic regulation is a revelation. That this overcrowded city’s roads work as well as they do is more than impressive, it’s an everyday miracle!

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