This Sceptred Isle: Day Trips in England 1940s-1970s (2 DVDs)

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6 hrs. 5 mins.

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Relive four decades of bygone Britain with this unrivalled collection of over six hours of once-forgotten British Pathe cinema travelogues! Highlights include the Cotswolds in 1944, touring Somerset in 1955, ‘Down Somerset Way’ in 1957, Coastal Devon in 1958, Torquay in 1964 and Plymouth in 1958 and 1973 – plus visits to the Lake District, the Norfolk Broads, Blackpool in 1960 and the ancient city of York. There is also a film presented by Terry Wogan from Woburn Abbey, Britain’s first Safari Park, in 1974, and one fronted by his old radio colleague Pete Murray, from the famous seaport and battleground of Hastings in 1983.

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