Variety Acts & Turns Of The Mid 1930s

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3 hrs. 18 mins.

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A comprehensive three hours plus celebration of a glorious age of British Variety featuring the very best performers and singers from radio, music hall and the theatre! Performances rarely seen since they were shown in the Pathé cinema newsreels of the day.

‘Variety Acts and Turns Of The Mid 1930s’ is a nostalgic celebration of a rich diversity of Variety entertainers; balancing acts, jugglers, dance bands and jazz bands, organists, strongmen, comedians, musicians, dancers – modern and ballet, roller-skaters, actors, singers and even a ‘Bird Circus’. Artistes include the Mantovani Orchestra, comedian Bert Weston, Arthur Askey, double act Bennett and Williams, actor Tod Slaughter, Naunton Wayne, Ronald Frankau, Leslie Henson, Bob and Alf Pearson and many, many more.

In the mid 1930s, Pathé developed its filming of variety acts by building elaborate sets for their performances. Often, these studio performances would be mixed into filmic ‘dream sequences’ to enhance their impact. Camera interviews with selected stars also added another new dimension. Pathé intriguingly filmed a blind man who could see and a Wild West themed set from celebrated act The Van Strattens. Also included here is a visit to the famous Players’ Theatre in London’s Covent Garden.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen, sit back and enjoy this treasure trove of classic British Variety at its very best!!

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