Wild At Heart: Complete Boxed Set (21 DVDs, Cert 12, Subtitles)

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Set against the stunning scenery of the South African bush, this boxed set contains the complete Wild at Heart, the story of Danny Trevanion (Stephen Tompkinson), a widowed English vet and his new extended family.

Sarah (Amanda Holden), Danny’s second wife, decides they should all return a sick monkey to its natural habitat in Africa in an attempt to bring her family and Danny’s closer together. The holiday becomes a permanent adventure when they agree to stay to run a game reserve, presenting life-changing opportunities beyond even their wildest expectations or greatest fears. When the wild takes a terrible toll, Danny is bereft, but newcomers bring new life and with it, new hope for the future. By Danny’s side, always, through thick and thin and responsible for large amounts of both, his friend, tracker, guide and partner Duplessis without whom life would never be the same.

This is a television drama series like no other. Colourful, adventurous, rich in dreams and possibilities, celebrating a way of life few can ever know but which can be enjoyed and experienced here – who wouldn’t want to live their lives Wild at Heart.

DVD Extras
Extensive Behind the Scenes Features
Exclusive Cast & Crew Interviews
Cast Filmographies
Photo Galleries
Series 6, 7 and Finale are Subtitled

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