Working Boats

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72 mins.

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A unique appreciation of working canal boats and the “boat people” who lived aboard these unique craft. This DVD covers many aspects of their life, including:

 – The boatmen’s strike of 1923
 – Wide boats on the southern Grand Junction Canal
 – A Grand Union Canal Carrying Company educational filmstrip
 – East Midlands scenes
 – John Jinks 23 tons from Anderton
 – John Jinks photo collection
 –  The BCN
 – Working boats on the Thames
 – Josher styles and other significant boats
 – Joe Skinner with “Friendship” on the Oxford canal
 – ‘The final solution”: the old ways die out

Made from archive film, both colour and black and white, archive stills and filmstrip.

This film is made up of film provided by David Kidney and Francis Stapleton. Stills are from the Jinks family, the Argent family, Keith Eley, British Waterways, LHP archive and other unknown photographers.

Written, produced and narrated by Laurence Hogg.

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