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Submissiveness and petty bourgeois behaviour were part of the apparatus of oppression that kept the German Empire running and stabilised its hierarchy. Industrialist’s son Diederich Heßling, hero of this extraordinary film, is a cowardly and conventional career-opportunist. His path to power is that of the lickspittle – he seeks the recognition of all above him, denounces competitors, and becomes the despot of both his inherited paper factory and his own family.

Heinrich Mann’s grand novel The Kaiser’s Lackey, about a typical fellow traveller who uncritically idolises the Kaiser and shares his ambitions for world power was sympathetically filmed by director Wolfgang Staudte.

A clever and amusing piece of cinema and a world success.


The increase in industrialisation in the Germany of the early 20th century made the difference in poor and rich much more apparent. The life of simple people was hard.

The focal point of The Girls in Gingham is Guste, who, as a maid, has to look after her lords and ladies. When the First World War breaks out, her husband is conscripted. Guste has to support the whole family by toiling as a hand-grenade maker. The young woman soon grasps that she is working for the continuation of this senseless war. She quits…

The Girls in Gingham is a cinematographic journey through time and empire, through war, economic crisis, the rise of Nazi fascism and into a further, even crueller Second World War. It is a tense, moving and dramatic story.


In 1914 many young men euphorically volunteered to go and fight the First World War. Hans Gastl was one of those who took his leave – from his mother and his militaristically inclined father, a state prosecutor in Munich. Hans does not become a soldier, he is against the war and his bourgeois parental upbringing. Their burghers’ hypocrisy and pseudo-morality repulse him. Regardless of his father’s fury, Hans refuses to participate; he wants to change his life. The film, based on the novel by Johannes R. Becher, recounts in flashback-form the story of Hans’ tender love to the housemaid, a love that is brutally repressed by his father; of his time in a boarding school for badly behaved children; of his love for a former prostitute with a fateful end; of his friendship to the Jew Löwenstein and the working-class boy Hartlinger.

It is a film about searching, rebellion and the growth of understanding.


March, 1920, the time of the Kapp Putsch in Germany. Reich Army units march on Berlin to create a military regime. In the Mecklenburg village of Bröder, 14-year-old Martin discovers a secret store of weapons that a landowner has hidden for the organisers of the putsch.

In the village, Martin’s brother and a friend of his from the city organise a strike against the putsch. But the approaching soldiers are to keep the village inhabitants down. Martin and his friend, Kathrin, nonetheless manage to courageously fight their way through to the rebellious faction in the city so that the weapons end up in the right hands. Their friendship ripens in the process, as do they themselves. A film that accurately and excitingly represents both youth and this part of history.

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