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A night in with ABC Television – this specially curated programme compilation will transport you back to the 1960s!  Hand-picked ABC archive gems hosted by David Hamilton, complete with vintage advert breaks, re-create the viewing experience of the early days of commercial television, and this superb set features stars such as David Nixon, John Ireland, Bernie Winters, Hattie Jacques and Rosemary Leach.




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And in a packed line-up tonight, we present the following:

HERE’S DAVID NIXON: Show 13, 22 December 1963
SPACE PATROL: The Shrinking Gas of Jupiter, 28 July 1968
COUNTER ATTACK: Last Chance, 28 February 1960
THE CHEATERS: Case of George Peterson, 5 May 1962
BIG NIGHT OUT: Series 1 Show 11, 7 September 1963
MISS ADVENTURE: Strangers in Paradise, 17 July 1964
THIS IS SINATRA! 2 June 1962
ARMCHAIR THEATRE: Sharp at Four, 12 January 1964
GOODBYE FROM ABC: 28 July 1968

Note: The ABC Nights In compilations are presented in a 16:9 widescreen image window and feature ABC material in its original 4:3 aspect ratio alongside new linking material presented in 16:9. As such the archive television programming is presented with black bars on either side of the image.




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