BOOK: Bloody British History – Somerset



Thrill to stunning true stories of battles, bloodshed, mysteries and martyrs, vicious Templars and Victorian sex cults, over 2,000 years of Somerset history.

• HORRORS of the caves! The HORRIFIC true story of Cheddar Man!

• Twilight of the Empire! Romans, Saxons and the legends of King Arthur!

• SWORDS against the VIKINGS! The Somerset heroes who defied the Norse hordes!

• Martyrs, murderers, alchemists and EXECUTED ABBOTS – Somerset’s strangest residents revealed!

• DEATH STORM! The TERRIBLE TOLL of the Great Storm of 1703!


With more than 60 illustrations plus an EIGHT-PAGE COLOUR SECTION, you’ll never see the county in the same way again!

(96 + 8 colour pages / Paperback)


DR ANDREW MAY has a PhD in Astrophysics, and 30 years of experience working in government-funded scientific research. A researcher with a passion for history as well as for science, he has also worked as a guide at Montacute House.

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