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This book by Bristol-based historian and author Maurice Fells explores the colourful and fascinating history of Bristol through visible signs that it has left behind. It takes a fresh look at some of the city’s well-known – and not so well-known – buildings, and is also a guide to some of the many statues, columns, plaques and other memorials that can be found across the city. Once described as ‘the most beautiful, interesting and distinguished city in England’, Bristol has had a dramatic history since it was granted county status in 1373. It has seen prison riots and shipwrecks, royal visits and hangings: discover the building once called ‘the Devil’s Cathedral’, the inn where Robinson Crusoe met Daniel Defoe, or the church where you can find the rib bone of a whale brought back from John Cabot’s voyage to Newfoundland in 1497. This book shows that evidence of the past can be seen in everyday surroundings and will fascinate all who know the area and visitors too.

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