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Do you remember coal fires, waking up with ice on the inside of windows, the tin bath, Andy Pandy, Saturday morning cinema, school milk, playing marbles or hopscotch in the street, the mangle and the washing dolly, or hanging out in the Milk Bar? If so, you were probably around in the 1950s and you can take a delightful trip down Memory Lane with this nostalgic look back at everyday life at that time.

It includes recollections of a 50s childhood, school days, teenage years, home life, holidays, and a whole lot more, to bring memories flooding back! The author skilfully combines his own memories of growing up in the 50s, historical insights, evocative photos, news reports and humorous observations to create an entertaining, heart-warming account of life in a decade that changed Britain forever. (155 pages / Paperback)


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