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This beautifully illustrated social history of Devon during WWI examines the cultural changes brought about during this period.

Every sector of society felt the impact of the war acutely. People pulled together in some things, and pulled apart in others. Men had to decide whether to enlist or not, and risk the social, moral and physical consequences of their decisions to be servicemen or remain civilians. Conscription, meanwhile, brought other keenly-felt social, political and personal issues to the surface.

Thematically divided, this fascinating and timely study explores the experiences of many of Devon’s people: soldiers; aliens and spies (real and imagined); refugees; conscientious objectors; nurses and doctors; churchmen; the changing roles of women and children; and finally, of course, of farmers. It provides a moving tribute to the price paid by Devon and its people during the War to End all Wars.

(272 pages / Paperback)


DR DAVID PARKER spent 19 years as a head teacher and has recently retired from his post as senior lecturer at the University of Plymouth’s Faculty of Arts & Education. An experienced lecturer, David is an active member of the Devon & Exeter Institution – a club, research centre and private library in Exeter Cathedral Close. He has written extensively on the history of education, and other subjects. He lives in Exeter.

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