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A six DVD set to cherish, with many hours of exclusive films from the British Transport Commission. Highlights include The Finishing Line, Inter-City 125, Just Like the Rest of Us, Centenary Express, The North Eastern Goes Forward, Old Sam the Signalman, Motorail, Single Line Working, Channel Islands, The Long Night Haul, Peak District, Berth 24, England’s North Country and many more.

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Following the nationalisation of transport in 1948 the British Transport Commission set up its own in-house film production unit. Launched on 1 May 1949, and led for 25 years by Edgar Anstey – a foundling father of the British documentary movement – it became one of the largest industrial film units in Britain. The third volume in a series of 6-disc box sets contains such classics as The Finishing Line , Inter-City 125 and Just Like the Rest of Us as well as rare gems like Centenary Express and Give Your Car a Holiday. This digitally remastered collection is a must for the transport enthusiast and the documentary aficionado alike. It includes a fully illustrated booklet with extensive films notes by BFI curators, and full credits.

Disc One: The North Eastern Goes Forward | Right Time Means Right Time, aka The Pain Train | Motorsport Tries Motorail | Discovering Railways | Current Affairs on the Midland | Railways Conserve the Environment (Rail Report 11) | Discover Britain by Train | Old Sam the Signalman

Disc Two: Journey Inter-City | Power to Stop | Inter-City 125 | A New Age for Railways | The Stone Carriers | The Finishing Line | Robbie (‘non-electrified’ version) | Centenary Express | Sir Peter Parker Talks to Jimmy Savile

Disc Three: Single Line Working | Day to Day Track Maintenance: Part 1: Plain Line | Day to Day Track Maintenance: Part 2: Switches and Crossings | The Signal Engineers | Mishap | Spick and Span

Disc Four: The Long Night Haul | Care of St Christopher’s | Measured for Transport | Channel Islands | Under the Wires | Points and Aspects | Scotland for Sport

Disc Five: Berth 24 | Peak District | Train Driver | Give Your Car a Holiday | Just the Ticket | England’s North Country

Disc Six: Away for the Day | They Had an Idea | Manhandling | List, Stolen, Damaged | Go As You Please in Britain | It Takes All Sorts | Just Like the Rest of Us

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