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Hold on tight for some thrills and spills aboard a Thameslink Class 387! For the entirety of our trip we will be using the 750 volt third rail. The service stops at several locations, including Gatwick Airport, where we can enjoy the sight of two low aircraft on final approach to the runway, a short distance west of the station.

Full description from the producer:

Join us for a cab ride journey in a ‘Thameslink’ Class 387 on a journey from London Bridge to Brighton. The 387 is an electric multiple unit which can take its power from the 750v third rail or from a 25kv overhead line. For the entirety of our trip we’ll be using the third rail, a system on this line dating back to 1932.

The early part of the journey sees us thread our way south-east out of London through a series of junctions, and past a bewildering array of other traffic on the ten tracks from London Bridge station. We’re speed limited until we pass New Cross Gate before we can begin to accelerate towards the line’s 90 m/h maximum.

The service stops at East Croydon, Gatwick Airport, Three Bridges, Balcombe, Haywards Heath, Hassocks and Preston Park. At Gatwick, we’re treated to the sight of two aircraft low on final approach to the runway, a short distance west of the station.

There’s a lot to see along the way, and one of the highlights is a view of the north portal of Clayton Tunnel, a magnificent edifice with a turreted design and a cottage set on top. It’s a railway enthusiast’s dream location.

An on-screen menu gives a choice between listening to the impeccably researched commentary which explains the history of the line and the sights along the way, or concentrating on the sounds of the 387.

Graphics provide a constantly updated indication of speed limits and temporary speed restrictions, signal aspects, and the names of the stations we pass by and stop at.

Take a cab ride with us from London Bridge to Brighton for an unforgettable experience.

*The narration-free audio is a separate audio track. To choose the non-narration version, select ‘audio track 2’ from the DVD player’s menu.

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