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90 mins.

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This journey records the route from HST power-car 43179 on 23rd May 1990 on the 08.45 from Paddington. This is Brunel’s famous ‘billiard table’ ride, superbly engineered for today’s high speed trains. Our journey was accomplished exactly to time – except for 18 minutes loss due to signals near Tilehurst – an example of how safety comes first, as a trackman had heard a noise coming from one of the coaches (later identified as a normal suspension ‘groan’) at the station, causing the train to be stopped for static and rolling exams.

We would like to thank all those involved for arranging this cab ride: BR Public Affairs at Swindon, Inspector John Barratt, Driver S. Bailey and D. Stanner.

Please note there is no commentary other than cab conversations which are not always audible above locomotive sounds.

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