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Return to the halcyon days of Britain’s best loved cinema public information films – sometimes surreal, sometimes hilarious and often terrifying! This unrivalled DVD includes almost 300 little gems from a bygone Britain, packed with stars and designed to teach you about everything from chip-pan fires to the Country Code, from crossing the road to using your seatbelt. Charley says “Wow!’’

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Public Information Films were once an instantly recognisable part of the British television and cinema-going experience. Produced for the government by the Central Office of Information, these bite-sized subjects embraced a diverse range of styles from experimental animation to live action, and featured contributions from many hugely popular entertainers of the era.

From chip-pan fires to the country code, from crossing the road to using your seatbelt, Public Information Films sought to educate the public through entertainment, and while some messages may have become outdated, their entertainment value lives on, as this collection amply demonstrates.

Presented here are nearly three hundred of the most memorable examples, serving as a reminder that the past could often be a very dangerous place to live…

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