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A television legend, Crossroads was one of ITV’s most popular shows. Starring Noele Gordon as the immortal Meg Richardson, the trials and tribulations of the Midlands’ premier motel, its staff and patrons enthralled, amused and sometimes horrified millions of viewers for the best part of three decades! A huge presence on ITV from the 1950s onwards, ‘Nolly’ – as celebrated in the superb 2023 ITVX drama, starring Helena Bonham-Carter – consistently won viewer awards through the ’60s and ’70s for both her own performance and the series with which she is forever linked. This unmissable 4-disc set features examples from many memorable storylines including Sandy’s accident, Meg’s wedding, David Hunter being shot, Adam and Jill’s ‘big day’, a mid-70s Christmas party and a very special bonfire night at the motel!



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Royalty visits the Crossroads set

1978 Greek promotional trailer

Episode 3000 cast interview

1960s promotional trailers

Why I Loved Crossroads – interview with Sue Nicholls (Audrey Roberts in Cornation Street)

Crossroads 30 Years On

An episode of Lunchbox, in the early days of ITV, a magazine programme presented by a pre-Crossroads Noele Gordon!


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