Classic TVNetworkSecond World WarDanger UXB: The Complete Series (4 DVDs)

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Set on the Home Front in wartime Britain, this is one of the most tense thrillers ever seen on television. First seen in 1979, this series follows a British bomb disposal squad, doing one of the most dangerous tasks of the war. All 13 nail-biting episodes are included here. Who will live and who will die in a world where death is only ever the cutting of a wrong wire away?

Full description from the producer:

When a young Royal Engineer Officer is killed trying to defuse a bomb, he is replaced by raw officer recruit Brian Ash. Ash is shocked to discover that his new unit, the 97th Tunnelling Company, is in fact a hastily formed bomb disposal squad. With the Blitz devastating London every night and making massive demands on Royal Engineers’ manpower, he is to take command of 347 Section forthwith. It’s not long before he’s facing the real thing at close range, with his men looking on from a safe distance, making bets as to whether he’ll go the same way as his predecessor…

This highly popular and critically-acclaimed series was created and produced by John Hawkesworth (Upstairs, Downstairs, the Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes stories) and starred Anthony Andrews (Brideshead Revisited, Cambridge Spies) in an early role, with Judy Geeson (The Eagle Has Landed, Brannigan), Iain Cuthbertson (Budgie, Doctor Who) and Maurice Roëves (Tutti Frutti, Hillsborough).

This outstanding series was first broadcast on ITV1 in 1979 and is presented here complete and uncut.

Special Edition Features

– Cast Iron Killers: exclusive documentary featuring Anthony Andrews, Maurice Roëves, Deborah Watling and George Innes, producers Verity Lambert, Johnny Goodman and Christopher Neame, directors Roy Ward Baker, Simon Langton and Ferdinand Simon Langton and Ferdinand Fairfax and writer Jeremy Paul.
– Commentaries on 4 episodes [] PDF files of 3 Jeremy Paul scripts

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