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This documentary celebrates 100 years of powered flight and the pioneering spirit which put Britain at the forefront of aviation technology.

This isn’t a story so much about specific aircraft, but more about the research and development that went into flight technology, which in turn enabled various aircraft to be brought into service.

We pay tribute to the pioneering spirit of the scientists, technicians, researchers and pilots who were responsible for many of the greatest advances in aviation technology including the gas turbine jet engine, radar, ejector seats, delta winged flight, weapons, and supersonic flight in the form of Concorde.

Farnborough is also home to the world famous Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB). Includes footage from the Farnborough Air Sciences Trust (F.A.S.T.) film archive and extraordinary scenes of the trials and testing conducted by the RAE throughout the 1900s.

Chapters: How It All Began (Colonel Cody etc.) | On the Wing (Delta wing and aerodynamics) | Seeing in the Dark (Radar, night vision) | The Weakest Link (Institute of Aviation Medicine, the Human Factor) | The Investigators (AAIB, includes Lockerbie wreckage) | Today and Tomorrow (Space technology) | The Story Continues…

Anyone with an interest in aviation, science, engineering or modern technology will be fascinated by this classic, historic, powerful production.

“…the whole thing comes together and succeeds in telling Farnborough’s fascinating story.” Spitfire Magazine, Spring 2007 .


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