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Four extremely rare wartime documentaries: Sailors Without Uniform (1940) portrays St Ives and Grimsby fishermen. Fishermen In Exile (1944) follows Dutch fishermen who have escaped to Britain. Atlantic Trawler (1944) looks at the threat posed by mines and U-boats and Merchant Seamen (1941) is a drama-documentary following a young British seaman. 

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War-time documentaries about the dangers faced in the Atlantic by merchant seamen on convoys and the contribution made to the war effort by all civilian seamen. Programme comprises: Sailors Without Uniform (1940) – The lives of British fishermen in war-time. Partly filmed in St Ives, Cornwall and Grimsby. Fishermen in Exile (1944) – The story of Dutch fishermen escaped from Holland carrying on their trade in Britain. Atlantic Trawler (1944) – Fishermen are constantly under threat in the Atlantic from U-boats and mines. Merchant Seamen (1941) – A merchant ship is sunk by a U-boat and a young seaman trains as a gunner to seek revenge.

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