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Fred’s greatest passion was brought to DVD for the very first time on this wonderful collection. Tracking the invention of the steam engine through its development up to the turbines that provide the power for today’s industry.

< Fred has long held a passion for steam engines – lovingly restoring a 1912 Aveling and Porter traction engine as seen on Fred Dibnah’s Made In Britain. In this series Fred journeys from Cornwall to Scotland to tell the story of the invention of the steam engine and its development through to its use in the modern day.

< Using archive materials, drawings and practical demonstrations, Fred unearths the best of steam heritage and meets some of his fellow enthusiasts who devote their lives to finding, restoring, preserving and operating steam engines of all sorts of shapes and sizes.

< From the earliest steam railways, ships and traction engines to mill engines, pumping stations and the steam turbines of a nuclear power station, Fred leaves no stone unturned in his pursuit of knowledge on this subject. If you too share in Fred’s passion, then this DVD is a must!

This volume contains these six great episodes: 1. The Early Pioneers 2. The Transport Revolution 3. Driving The Wheels of Industry 4. Steaming Down the Road 5. Steam on the Water 6. Steam in the Modern Age

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