Classic TVRenownGlimpses Volume 1: 1940s & 1950s (3 DVDs)

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From the nostalgic hit TV series, capturing life as it was in the 1940s and 1950s. None of this rare footage has been released on DVD before. Subjects include a Cornish holiday, fit glamour girls, Christmas celebrations, Cornwall’s coast in the 1950s, A Day in Devon, Zoos of yesteryear, the History of Rover, V-1s, 1950s Newquay, Festival of Britain and much, much more!
Description from supplier: Glimpses of the 1940s and 1950s A selection of Glimpses from the Nostalgic Hit TV Series brought to you by Talking Pictures TV. This fabulous 3 DVD box set collection brings you 60 Glimpses, rare pieces of nostalgia from the 1940s & 1950s, never before seen on DVD and restored for your enjoyment. DISC 1 contains: 34 MOORE STREET family life in 1958 London; 4 & 20 FIT GIRLS (1940) keep-fit classes in the 40s; A CORNISH HOLIDAY (1950); A DAY AT THE ZOO in 1940; A THRILL A SECOND oddities from around Britain; ALL THE FUN OF THE FAIR in the late 50s; ALONG PILGRIMS WAY (1940) the 120 mile walk; BRIGHTON IN THE 1950s nostalgic footage; BRITISH TRADE & INDUSTRY (1949) in Newcastle & London; CARRY ON CHILDREN a war time public information film; CHRISTMAS IN BRITAIN traditional festive footage; CONCORDE IN FLIGHT (1969) test flight short film; COASTAL CORNWALL IN THE 1950s a family beach day; CYCLING PROFICIENCY IN THE 1950s amateur test footage; DARWIN WAS RIGHT a short comedic film set at the Zoo; DAY IN DEVON IN THE 50s colour amateur footage; GLACIERS & GOLD short documentary on Alaska; OUR LONDON 1947 footage; ECONOMY RUN 1957 THE LONGER MILE footage at Ascot & Silverstone and THIS FOWL BUSINESS is a 40s short on chicken farming. DISC 2 contains: EASTBOURNE 1957 rare footage; FAMILY CHRISTMAS festive dinner with the family; ARTIC HIGHWAY documentary on Finland; DOVER a Ministry of Information short educational film; HIGHWAY GOODS educational film on the highway code; HOVERCRAFT educational short; MAGIC FEET documentary of Sir Stanley Matthews; BRUSSELS WORLD FAIR (1958) rare footage; QUEEN COTTON (1941) Lancashire’s cotton industry; ROLLERCOASTER enjoy the 50s thrill of a traditional fairground ride; SILVERSMITH documentary from the workshop; THE V1 – 1944 Ministry of Information short; 1950s NEWQUAY rare footage; COTTON & STEEL industrial footage from 1940s; LONDON footage from the 50s; ON GUARD 1950s Kent Ambulance Service; WHO’S CRAZY (1950) E J Fancey short of oddities from in and around Britain including a crazy taxi ride; THE HISTORY OF ROVER from concept to the Street and the racetrack; WAR & ORDER 1940 examines the role of the police force during the hostilities and THE FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN 1951 has more rare and historical footage from the capital cities big festival. DISC 3 contains: PEWTER mining in 50s Cornwall to the table teapot, SAIL HO (1941) comic look at yachting on the Australian coast; TRE, POL & PEN (1943) an educational short on the unusual, lore and people in Cornwall; GROWTH OF LONDON (1951) from the Roman settlement to 1951; JOINING THE YOUTH CLUB IN 1942 Educational short; KNOWSLEY HALL a 50s short on the Stately Hall; LAKE DISTRICT IN 1955 inc: footage of Lake Windermere; LET’S VISIT THE CROFTER’S Shetland Island crofter’s farming; LIVERPOOL & HARROWGATE 1955 nostalgic 50s footage; LONDON FOOD MARKETS in the 40s rare footage of the market halls and dock area in the 1940s; LONDON’S WEST END in 1946 take in Oxford Street and the West End of London for a step back in time; PILBOROUGH IN THE 1950s WITH THE MORRISONS traditional summer family footage; ROAMING IN SCOTLAND historic locations and people; THE ROCK OF GIBRALTAR short documentary; SEEN AT THE ZOO IN 1948 see the pandas and penguins; SIX CANDLES (1960) short documentary on road safety sponsored by British Insurance Association; SOUTH OF ENGLAND & CORNWALL rare colour footage; A DAY AT THE DERBY in the 50s, place your bets with the bookies and finally BRIGHTON IN THE 1940s provides nostalgic footage from the 1940s.

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