DukeRailwaysGlory Of Steam: on LMS Lines

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Observed over the last decade this DVD records the majesty of live LMS steam and allows the viewer to relive the Glory of Steam on LMS lines. The London, Midland and Scotland Railway (LMS) was the largest of the four railway companies formed in 1923. Its territory stretched from Wick in the North to Bournemouth in the South, although its principal areas of operation were along the West coasts of England and Scotland and the industrial Midlands. Its legacy of steam locomotives is one of the finest and many of them still run today, lovingly restored, both on private railways and the national system.

Locomotives featured in this programme:
Duchess of Hamilton, Princess Margaret Rose, Princess Elizabeth, Bahamas, Kolhapur, Mars, Amethyst, George Stephenson, Alderman AE Draper, Sovereign Black 5’s, 3 8F’s, 3 IVATT 2-6-0’s, 4 3F JINTY 0-6-0T’s and many more.

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